About a year ago this cat turned up on my doorstep crying and pleading for food. Now I know feeding someone else’s cat is just asking for trouble, but the cries were so pitiful and then I looked about 20 feet down the driveway and saw another tabby watching on. I suspect one of my neighbours went on holiday and left them to be fed by someone else – who did a pretty poor job at it. So I gave in, hoping that once the neighbours returned the cats would soon forget all about me. And they did. But then …


the neighbours took possession of a very cute puppy, who is now a very large dog.. and my wee furline friend is trying very hard to adopt me, and maybe also the folks in unit 2…. (yes I know you’ve been sharing the love Ms KittyKat).

So, is the dog eating the food? Or has the cat cottoned on, and realised I’m a big softie? Either way,what’s a can of tuna now and then between friends, and look at the shot I got as thanks! It only took 30 blurred shots of this cat’s behind, tail and back of the head, but it was worth it – proving that patience is everything in photography.


After a few “wanna kick myself for not bringing my camera” moments, I now try to take my camera everywhere. It’s a compact Pentax Optio and can fit into my jeans pocket very neatly. So today, I was on my way to ‘Briscoes’ a local homeware store when I saw this lovely wisteria draped the entire length of this wrought iron fence. Only a close up does justice to how pretty it is.

p.s I’m now researching which Digital SLR to buy, so if anyone has any advice on this (I’m thinking Nikon or Canon) please leave me a comment with your camera recommendation!

By blog has ‘gone to the dogs!’. I’m a dog lover from way back, so jumped at the opportunity to go to Sumner Beach this morning with a friend and her Border Collie “Jessie”. The border collie breed is well known for being highly intelligent and extremely energetic, and let’s just say Jessie is not the exception to this rule! We stood in the middle of the beach and watched Jessie run non-stop up and down in a circuit (never venturing more than 100 metres from us). She’s about 8 months old, so still really a pup.


Trying to get a good photo was tough – she just moves too fast – and her colouring makes it doubly difficult! I tried ‘dog mode’ and ‘sports mode’ on my digital camera, but neither gave very good shots and reverted to automatic.


Jessie made a bee-line for the one other border collie on the beach (Jessie is in the foreground here, the other collie was about 18 months old and was rescued from a bad situation by her owner – who we got chatting to).


Here’s the other collie looking majestic and very happy (one lucky dog that a very kind man rescued her – he found her tied to a tree in a really bad state – but look at her now!).

Had to take a snap of this wee cutie as well!

A Marae is a traditional Maori meeting place. This pictures shows the entrance to Nga Hau e Wha, which is a multi-cultural marae to serve the needs of citizens irrespective of ethnic origin. It’s located on Pages Road (in east Christchurch) and has Maori cultural performances in the evening.

Here’s a definition of the carving on the entrance:

“Its carvings depict the history of New Zealand, showing eight warriors paddling a canoe which is representative of all the ancestral canoes at Waitangi in 1840 and, opposite, Captain William Hobson, RN, Governor of New Zealand at that time. This entrance symbolises the Marae as a place for all citizens of New Zealand”. Source : Christchurch Library Website

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