Captain James Cook looking over Victoria Square. You can find out more about Cook at


I have a habit of finding great subjects to photograph and then realising the sun is coming from the wrong direction (I am fanatical about lighting!). But then you just walk around the subject, and you see a whole other shot – just like this one. I rather like this one, it’s Captain James Cook looking over the square with the Forsyth Barr building in the background. I’ll come back when the lighting is right and take a front on shot.

There’s a great little area on Lichfield street referred to as SOL (south of Lichfield) which has great shopping, restaurants and bars. There are couches outside the bars, fairy lights hanging from the trees, and lots of people out having a great time. At the end of the lane is the Fish and Chip shop, and a friend and I had dinner there last night.


On the wall opposite the Fish & Chip shop is a giant tv screen, so you can sit out on the balcony (on a couch) eating your fish and chips and watch the rugby!

The restaurant is very retro with lots of kitsch New Zealand items and what we call ‘Kiwiana’. Well worth a visit just for the ambience and the stuff on the walls, pictures of long deceased famous New Zealanders (Norm Kirk) and the formica dining tables.

Inside of the giant tomato container is Tomato sauce, which New Zealanders use quite liberally on their chips. The tomato container is a great example of New Zealand ‘kiwiana’ (a type of uniquely New Zealand kitsch).

And here is part of my meal. I ordered the ‘chip buttie’ and my chips came out folded up in an outer layer of newsprint (this is how fish and chips stores used to wrap chips in NZ – they don’t any more).

“When I grow up, I want to be just like my Dad!”

Mum (left with white head) and Dad (on the right with black head) with two of their ducklings (there were around 8 ducklings in total).

Feeding time!

I spotted this family of Paradise Ducks in the Christchurch Botanical Gardens. They were quite an attraction and it was very hard to get up close, especially as Daddy Duck was watching me like a hawk!

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