A Photo a Day of Christchurch New Zealand

Vote Bob Parker Billboard

There is a mayoralty race on in Christchurch at the moment. But I think it might be a one horse race. And to use one more metaphor, Bob Parker is probably a ‘shoo- in’ for the job. He’s got the looks, the charm, the dulcet tones (TVNZ trained), plenty of poise, lots of local politics experience, and the fact that he was on the telly for many many years might help too!

Billboard located on Waltham Road Over Bridge

Or the good citizens of Christchurch could (in his own words) ‘vote for the little guys’ – meet Ross – Street Cleaner and Mayoralty Candidate. Nice one Ross!

Hagley Villa for Lease

I was out walking through Hagley Park today when I noticed this piece of paper stapled to a tree. On closer inspection I realised it was about the villa directly opposite where I was standing. What a great marketing idea!


According to the sign, rent is negotiable, and includes the use of the convertible sports car. Looking for mature internationals! The villa by the way, is a typical Christchurch villa, though many of them have been pulled down and replaced by designer town houses (which is a real shame as the villas have such character).

Busker on a coffee break

A living statue snapped during his coffee break at the Christchurch Arts Centre. Christchurch locals are very keen supporters of buskers and every January we have the World Buskers Festival – so if you ever plan to come to Christchurch during summer come while the festival is on – it’s a laugh a minute and attracts buskers from around the world.


Random Images

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