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Ferry Antique Centre, 282 Ferry Road

July 22, 2015


I love antique and curio shops, they are just so fascinating to walk around, but they can be injurious to the bank account if you are not careful or have a weakness for things you don’t need but really really want! The Ferry Antique Centre recently opened in this building on Ferry Road – a number of antique dealers had all been sharing a building in Woolston – but it was pretty cramped in there. Now they have lots of room and there is a lot to look at. Definitely worth a visit on a Saturday afternoon.

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The Edmonds Factory Garden on Ferry Road

May 4, 2015


The Edmonds Factory Garden on Ferry Road is a beautiful spot any time of the year, but like many of Christchurch’s parks and gardens it’s quite special during Autumn.


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A spot of glamour at Ferry Road Antiques

June 29, 2014


My friend Emma and I spent this afternoon visiting the various antique shops on Ferry Road. It was certainly a fun afternoon and I highly recommend you try to do as many of the stores as you can (there are a lot!). But, this comes with a warning, you will blow your budget!

The picture above is of Emma modelling a dress imported from America – a very glamorous black and gold sequinned number that looked like it was custom made for her. I have a feeling it may make its way into her wardrobe even though she resisted temptation and it did not go home with her today.

The Ferry Road Antique centre is a particularly dangerous place to visit if you have no intention of spending any money – I went in there on a whim a few weeks back and left with a beautiful mink jacket and a 1940’s style hat!


Edmonds Factory Garden on Ferry Road

September 11, 2013


This garden is located on Ferry Road – it’s a garden I suspect many people in Christchurch drive by and wonder what’s in there, but never stop to visit. It’s a lovely spot and I particularly like the chairs and the ivy-covered entrance-ways.


There were some wild winds in Canterbury last night, but I think the East / Port Hills side of the city got off lightly – it was the west side of the city and further inland that really bore the brunt of the gale-force wind.





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Bronskis Dairy is Open Again and the Mural is Back

May 3, 2013


I drove down Ferry Road today and spotted the mural of the two ladies was back on the newly re-built Bronskis Dairy. So good to see them back in business – they re-opened on Wednesday. The mural of the two ladies is a bit of a landmark, so great to have it back up again.

Here’s an image of the mural before the building was demolished:

And here’s an image of the outside of the dairy. It’s all very new and shiny inside too.


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