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Mind your Step

Spotted on Ferry Road by the Ferrymead Bridge works. I actually tripped over this ramp about 8 days ago – but luckily I didn’t fall over as I managed to recover my balance. But I did give myself a bit of a fright. They didn’t have the warning on it when I had my incident, so I am glad to see they’ve highlighted the damage rather brightly.

If someone walks on the ramp before you, the back of it flips up – hence the trip I went on. Actually, I think it could trip you up even if someone else was not walking over it… Oh the joys of navigating one’s way around Christchurch eh!

Thinking of You Sign, Morgans Valley

This sign grabbed my attention today. I spotted it as I walked down Bridle Path Road in Heathcote. I’m not sure how long it has been there but probably not long. I’m guessing it’s in response to the red zone announcements that were made regarding parts of the Port Hills. I don’t personally know how many houses are affected in Morgans Valley but from the Land Check Map it looks like two thirds of the valley is red (uneconomic to repair) and the rest is still white (still to be determined). This is so distressing for home owners, many have to give up the homes they love, while others have to continue to wait for their fate.

It’s these random acts of thoughtfulness though that make things just a little more bearable for everyone and whoever took the time to put the sign up is indeed a very kind and thoughtful person.

Well we’re not short of Parking Spaces!

This sign has been put up on an empty lot that’s on the corner of Welles and Manchester Streets. It is indeed true that we have a lot of parking in the centre city now, though this sign is in no way official! Someone with a satirical sense of humour has gone to quite a bit of trouble to make this sign, so I had to go to the trouble of at least photographing it.

The parking companies have been quick to move in and provide parking on the empty lots all around the central city. And, regardless of what you may personally think of this, people are actually using them and paying for them. Though I hate the reason WHY these parking spots are there, I have to admit it sure is convenient when I want to visit the restart mall. And, people also have a right to make some return from their land investments.

I recently parked in a spot on Colombo Street and could not for the life of me work out if I should be paying for it and if so, then to which parking company (as there were two near by). So I ended up parking for free… just like everyone else who was parked there. Hmm, now that I think about it, I don’t think it was a parking space, just an empty lot we all took advantage of as the paid ones were all full up.

Isn’t it funny how people complain about companies capitalising on these vacant lots, but if there’s no parking then that’s also a personal disaster for them, cos they might actually have to walk a block or two.

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