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The Mountains this Morning

May 21, 2015


The mountains this morning. If the weather forecasters are correct, there could be a lot more snow on them by Monday!


Cyprus Garden Reserve

May 20, 2015


I went looking for more Monarchs – this time by the Ruru Cemetery – specifically in the Cyprus Garden Reserve which I’d never walked through before. The Monarchs are there, but they are really high up in the trees.

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Pink Sky in the Morning

May 18, 2015


We had a pretty pink sky about 7am this morning. I can never see a pink sky without thinking of the rhyme “red sky in the morning, shepherds’ warning… red sky at night… shepherds’ delight”.


Edmonds Factory Garden and Butterflies

May 17, 2015


I went to the Edmonds Factory Garden this morning with my photo club and while the objective was to take garden photos we discovered that there were monarch butterflies in the large willow tree. It was quite breathtaking watching them.

DSC01469 DSC01485 DSC01498 DSC01499 DSC01500 DSC01512 DSC01521 DSC01532

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Early Morning by the Heathcote River

May 14, 2015


Early Morning by the Heathcote River on Richardson Terrace.


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