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Cosmo the giant Rabbit by Michael Parekowhai

April 27, 2015


Cosmo is an inflatable rabbit by artist Michael Parekowhai. Cosmo was gifted to the Christchurch art gallery by Jim and Mary Barr for the Art Gallery’s post-earthquake reopening back in 2011 (the art gallery is currently closed for earthquake repair work). He currently lives at 31 New Regent street as part of the art gallery’s Outer Spaces programme.

According to the information on the door:

 “Cosmo encourages multiple and contradictory points of view about local history. Is he a cute bunny or a noxious pest? A kindly character or a symbol of colonial expansion? ….. His ears are cocked as if he’s listening for something; alert to both danger and to opportunity.

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Mona Vale Gardens in its Autumn Glory

April 26, 2015


The Mona Vale Gardens are located in Fendalton (not far from the central city) and are very English in their styling with the Avon River meandering through the park and lots of Autumnal trees and green grass. It’s a thoroughly pleasant place to be on a warm Autumn day. I made sure to sit for just a moment and actually enjoy the views.


There’s a rose garden, a pond with a water fountain/statue and lots of mature trees and landscaped gardens. It’s also full of birdlife – in particular the cheeky little fantail that I spent at least 20 minutes photographing to get about 4 ok photos (they are very fast movers). I can never seen to get a photo with its fan spread out. One day though!


I think I could spend all of my time photographing gardens and never tire of it. I have often thought that if money was not an issue (won the lotto for example) I would travel the country and the world photographing the world’s public gardens.



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Mary Duncan Park Walkway

April 25, 2015

Views from the Duncan Park Walkway on Port Hills Rd

I’ve known about this walkway for quite a while, but I didn’t know what it was like, where it went or the conditions of the walkway. I drive past the entrance to it a lot (it’s on Port Hills Road) and think “I must do that walk sometime…” and then never do. Partly because the walk looked a bit woody and perhaps something I didn’t want to do on my own for the first time.


View from the top of the walk – looking down into Horatane Valley

Well, today, I finally went for the walk, as we’ve had an absolutely stunning Autumn day with temperatures in the 20’s. So Bruce and I ventured up the pathway and both discovered this stunning walk for ourselves.


Our guide for the walk ‘Maz’ the terrier

Very early into the walk, a little dog appeared from one of the paddocks and as we are animal fans we made a bit of a fuss of him. He was such a cutie and it was like he realised we’d never done the walk before because before we knew it, he was on the walk with us and kept running ahead showing us the way and then waiting up for us. He was an adorable little dog and his name tag said ‘Maz’. I suspect this is how he gets his daily walks! Clever little dog. He was totally unfazed at following us and once we got to the equestrian centre at the end of the walk he was off through the paddocks back home.


Looking down into Avoca Valley

The walk goes between two valleys – Horotane valley and Avoca. According to Map My Run the walk is 4.77 km long and has a total ascent of 389.46 metres. And as you can see from the photos it’s a beautiful walk. I highly recommend it.


Bench Seat in Heathcote Valley

April 24, 2015


The beautiful Heathcote Valley.

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Autumn in the City

April 23, 2015


Oh how I love Christchurch in Autumn and greatly admire the early visionaries who planted our wonderful trees (especially those in the Botanic Gardens and Hagley Park).

This scene is by the Avon River on Oxford Terrace – just opposite the building development that will be The Terraces. As you can see, it’s a lovely spot to stop and have some lunch.

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