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Tiny Huts in New Brighton

October 21, 2016

“Wharau” Tiny Hut, designed by Manaia Wilson-Moses

There was a competition to design a ‘tiny hut’ for New Brighton – to act as a draw card to the sea-side suburb. The challenge was to:

“design a small temporary structure that can attract and delight passers-by, capture peoples’ imagination, and inspire people to visit or to learn more about New Brighton”.


#MyBrightonHut designed by Marike Uys

The two huts shown are some of the winners of the competition.

See for more information on the other huts.

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Duncans Building Unit Restoration

October 19, 2016


The Duncans Building is an historic row of 16 units on High Street. The two units at the far left have been restored by Joe and Nicky Arts (according to the sign on the door of the building). Another two units at the other end of the row are being restored by another owner. The remaining units are owned by the Crown. According to this article in the Press there are developers interested in restoring the rest of the units.


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Manchester Street Renovation

October 18, 2016


Manchester Street is getting a large makeover and it looks like work has started. The street is being widened and there will be a lot of trees planted with it becoming a boulevard.


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Back to Broadfield Garden

October 17, 2016


Last weekend I visited Broadfield Garden on Selwyn Road and it rained rather a lot. There was a market day on at the garden, but I was far more interested in exploring the garden. Except I got rather wet as I didn’t pack an umbrella. So I was determined to get back to the garden during Spring and on a sunny day.


Luckily the rain we’ve been having a lot of cleared on Saturday, so we ventured out to the garden for good look around.


The garden planting commenced in 1993 and there has been an emphasis on growing New Zealand natives. The stunning hedges that create the lines of the garden are Totara as they are slow growing (need only one cut a year) and evergreen.

dsc06763 dsc06765 dsc06778

dsc06807 dsc06780

Formal hedges with Totara.

dsc06792 dsc06794 dsc06802

The view from the viewing mound.

The garden is open to the public on Wednesdays and Saturdays and is located at 250 Selwyn Road, Weedons, Christchurch


Port Hills and a Bike Race

October 16, 2016


I met my photo club today at the corner of Summit Road and Evans Pass – and we made our way along a track to get a higher view. Little did we know that about 120 mountain bikers were about to come along the track. We decided to take it as a sign that we should practice our action shots! We saw a few take a spill and I was thinking I’d have to dust off my first aid skills, but luckily everyone just got back up on their bikes unharmed.







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