I went for a walk through part of the red zone in New Brighton today, joining a friend and her spaniels for a walk around the wide open spaces. The dogs were pretty excited. There were rather a lot of blossom trees, magnolias and camellias in flower – all once upon a time someone’s pride and joy. It’s interesting to see how nature is starting to take over – with grass now growing over some of the foot paths.

I’m currently out of Christchurch (down south), and today I took the opportunity to visit Maple Glen – a wonderful private garden that is open to the public. It’s located near the small town of Wyndham – not far from Mataura. It’s an amazing garden, and I’m so pleased that anyone can visit, as it’s a truly special place. If you find yourself in Southland, I encourage you to visit, you won’t be disappointed, that’s for sure! And if you are a bird lover, you are in for a treat!

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