Avon River

I drive down Avonside Drive a lot, and if it’s the right time of the day, I usually wish I could pull over and take a few photos on the side of the road. It’s a busy road though and there’s no real pedestrian access on the left-hand side as you travel East. So, for a while I’ve been meaning to park on River Road and photograph this area from the other side. As you can see, I finally did that today late in the Autumnal light, and I’ve been rewarded with so many wonderful views. The land backing onto River Road is part of the Residential Red Zone – with the homes demolished long ago now. The photos were taken between Cowlishaw Street and Stanmore Road.


Located on Oxford Terrace right by the Avon River and the Bridge of Remembrance, The Terraces is a new development that is part of the Avon river enhancements. Once finished it will be a lovely spot to sit and enjoy the area. From the looks of things, it can’t be that far off from being finished.

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