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Reuben DotDotDot Performing at the Art Gallery

I was lucky enough to catch Reuben DotDotDot’s pole act today at the Art Gallery. He’s by far one of my favourite buskers – what he does is super impressive and quite frankly rather scary to watch at times. But I’ve seen his shows a few times now and he makes it look easy. Be sure to see his show and give him lots of money (he’s risking his neck after all for our entertainment)!

You can learn more about Rueben at his official website http://www.reubendotdotdot.com.

Rueben dot dot dot and crowd volunteers


I caught Reuben’s busking act in the square yesterday and got this shot mid-act while he’s prepared for the next feat of strength and dexterity involving a very large pole that he could shimmy up and down like a cat going up a tree being chased by a big dog.

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