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The Bee and the Monarch

April 19, 2017

I was intent on photographing this Monarch butterfly in my garden this morning when a bee dropped in to explore the same flower. The garden is full of butterflies and bees which is a great sign.


Monarch Butterflies in Woodham Park

May 19, 2016


Each year I visit the parks around Christchurch to see the magnificent sight that is thousands of Monarch butterflies clustering together in the trees. I never tire of this! And, I always get the opportunity to introduce new people to this phenomenon – usually people in the park who wonder what I’m photographing up in the trees and then when they realise they are in shock at not having ever seen it before.

Here’s a little video I also made of the butterflies and placed onto my Facebook page:



Monarchs at Woodham Park

May 24, 2015


Monarch butterflies ‘clustering’ in the trees at Woodham Park in Linwood. The over winter here every year. It’s quite an amazing thing to see and I highly recommend you look up in your local park as you just don’t know what could be hiding in the trees.


This monarch was most interested in the piece of tissue paper that was on top of the hedge in the park. We wondered if there was some tasting food morsels left on it.


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Woodham Park and Monarch Butterflies

May 6, 2015


We had beautiful weather today so at lunchtime I decided to head to Woodham Park on Woodham Road. Every Autumn / Winter there are Monarch butterflies ‘over wintering’ in this park – clustering in their hundreds in the large trees. I didn’t see any clusters today – it may be too early yet, but I did capture quite a few single butterflies on various vegetation.


The park is a beautiful spot even without the butterflies, but the butterflies fluttering by make it just magical.


I waited and waited for this shot – I hoped that a monarch would land on the autumn leaves and one finally did, though I’d have preferred if it had of landed in the sunny spot!


And here’s why I think the Monarch’s like this park so much – there’s a ready source of nectar with this beautiful camellia in flower.

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Butterflies at the Discovery World Tropical Forest at Dunedin Museum

January 12, 2015


On my way back to Christchurch today, I decided to finally stop at the Dunedin Museum and check out their butterfly exhibit. It was wonderful seeing so many butterflies in such a lovely tropical setting – though it was very hot and my camera lens kept misting up which made getting decent photos something of a challenge.


There were some beautiful large blue butterflies that I couldn’t get a shot of at all – but one flew straight at me, landing very briefly on my nose!

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