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New Regent Street


I popped into town to get a photo of the street with the building coming down – as to me it’s quite symbolic of where are are at the moment in Christchurch. Things are still changing, but some things have kind of stayed the same – we still have the beautiful New Regent Street.


The street has a number of Children’s artwork on the cordon fences, a nice touch.


Landsborough House / URS House Demolition

The best show in town at the moment… I’m not sure what it is that so engrosses some of us to watch these building demolitions. I know many people can’t watch or have no desire to at all. But for those who are interested in the process we are entranced by the animal-like quality of the demolition machines we see at work in our city.

This is Christchurch… a latte to go with a side of demolition.

Here’s a video I also took of the demolition of what was also known as URS House.

The changing face of Christchurch – it can be pretty fast!

At about 10.30am this morning I walked down the Re-Start mall and noticed they’d started demolishing this building (it had been a week or more since I’d been into the mall).

At about 12pm I walked past again to find it was now in a big pile of rubble.

That’s pretty fast work I think… (guess there was really just the façade left any way). But still, it’s kind of weird living in a city that changes so quickly and very disorientating.


Thomas Edmonds Band Rotunda Demolition

This is the Thomas Edmonds Band Rotunda. The dome is being saved but the rest of the building is being demolished. I wonder if they will rebuild it? I hope so, it was an iconic Christchurch building and it would be wonderful to have it back in the new Christchurch. I never got to dine at the restaurant that was in the rotunda (The Retour). I always meant to, but just never did.

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