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Autumn Ducklings


We’ve had a very mild Autumn with most days reaching 20-something degrees celcius. So it’s probably not surprising then that some Christchurch locals are a bit confused and think it’s Spring! These adorable ducklings were spotted in the Botanic Gardens. At one point they all got out of the pond and walked right past me!


Two Paradise Ducks up a Tree


Crazy ducks! They were quite high up in this tree by the Avon River near Barbadoes Street. They seemed quite happy up there and not too worried by me taking their photos. The one with the white head is the female. Guess the view up there was pretty good!


You can learn more about Paradise Ducks at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paradise_Shelduck


Paradise Ducks and a Seagull

I went down to the pond at Ferrymead Park to photograph the paradise ducks and ducklings. Turns out the pair of ducks on that pond are down to just one duckling. They are guarding it pretty closely. Fingers crossed it makes it to adult hood. The ducks were understandably a little shy and ignored the bread I’d left out for them, however the seagull was very happy to swoop in and out with it.

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