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Radio Network House implosion

August 5, 2012

This morning at 8am the Radio Network House was imploded by Controlled Demolition Inc. This was New Zealand’s first ever building implosion. A big crowd turned up to watch the spectacle (even though we’d been advised to stay at home!). It was certainly impressive, but over so quickly it was hard to take it all in (especially when you are behind a camera). I’d had my camera on sports mode, but switched back to test things, and then boom! So I started shooting as didn’t have even a split-second to spare to switch back to sports mode. Fortunately I got some shots I was happy with.

For an excellent video of the implosion check out TVOne

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460 Days

May 28, 2012

This sign can be seen on Port Hills Road near Heathcote. It has been put there by members of the community to raise awareness about the homes that have been red stickered in Avoca Valley due to a rock fall hazard. The home owners can not currently live in their homes even though they are not damaged. It is the threat of rocks falling from the hills above the homes that keep them red stickered and out of their homes.

According to their Facebook page:

Following remediation work, since February 22nd, no rocks have fallen onto residential land in Avoca Valley despite over 9500 aftershocks occurring. AVERA has been formed to raise awareness of our plight.

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Vacant Lot on Colombo Street

March 20, 2012

A photo-shopped image of a vacant lot on Colombo Street. The tree seems sad and lonely to me, but it’s a symbol of hope and a brighter future – for one day this tree will be much taller and there will be a building or two beside it and people walking along the footpath going about their business.

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Message from Normandy

March 19, 2012

A touching message from two French tourists for the citizens of Christchurch. It is pinned to one of the fences on the cordon in the CBD.

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Crowne Plaza Demolition

March 12, 2012

And so another city landmark is coming down. From what I saw on the news the other night, it looks like they’ve done the bulk of the demolition work on the Victoria Square side of the Crown Plaza. You can actually make out the Forsyth Barr building through one of the holes. It’s going to be very weird not seeing this building on this corner and being able to see Victoria Square from Victoria Road.

According to a Press article the demolition will be completed by June and the site will be grassed over.

Video Footage

Here’s a very quick video I took with my cellphone: