When I left the house the light was pretty average and overcast, but I had some hopes that the sun would peak through right at the end of the day. And voila, just like magic we got this most stunning sunset tonight. Wow. I was out for a walk around Ferrymead and down by the river it was surreal it was so beautiful.

And here’s a wee video I did as well.


I’ve never been a big morning person – but the sight of the pink sky this morning propelled me out of the house without so much as a cup of tea – I knew that light wouldn’t last long.


I love how the clouds get reflected in the water when the light is right.


A small part of a rainbow – signalling rain was on its way (and sure enough it’s been raining on and off since then).


Early Morning by the Estuary

February 18, 2015
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I took this photo early this morning by the estuary at Ferrymead (Humphreys Drive). It was about 6.45am and the start of a beautiful and hot summer’s day in Christchurch. It’s not often I’m up and taking photos at that time of the day on a week day, but it was so warm this morning I decided to get up and have an early morning adventure.


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