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Bridge, Ferrymead Park

July 7, 2016


This is Ferrymead Park and there used to be a Maori Cultural Village here, but they left after the earthquakes. Now all that’s left is a few carvings.

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Sunrise by the estuary in Ferrymead

April 23, 2016


I’ve never been a big morning person – but the sight of the pink sky this morning propelled me out of the house without so much as a cup of tea – I knew that light wouldn’t last long.


I love how the clouds get reflected in the water when the light is right.


A small part of a rainbow – signalling rain was on its way (and sure enough it’s been raining on and off since then).



Reflections in the Pond at Ferrymead

September 17, 2015


It was another nice evening so I went for a walk with my partner Bruce and we stopped to admire the reflections in the pond. I was camera-less, so this was taken by Bruce on his brand new Samsung Galaxy Note phone. I have some serious phone envy at the moment, still owing the Samsung Galaxy 4 – with it’s inferior camera.


Ferrymead Bridge Intersection

August 26, 2015


This intersection by Ferrymead Bridge is a hive of activity. I’m really liking the landscaping they are doing by the river.

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Heathcote River Clean Up

May 9, 2015


Bruce and I helped with the Heathcote River clean up today – doing the Forest & Bird section by Ferrymead. It was quite an education seeing what ends up in our river. The river was cleaned up in three other sections as well and next year they are going to attempt to clean up a 25km stretch of the river. It was quite a muddy experience, as those that turned up in gumboots ended up in the mud flats – one of my neighbours on seeing me return home asked me if I’d in fact fallen into the river!