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The Dairy Spot, Heathcote


This spot used to have a dairy on it, but since the earthquakes it had lots of different things there – including now some corn and other vegetables. There was also a sign on the fence about the results of a survey conducted of local residents to find out what they thought should go back onto the site. You can see the results of the survey online as well at http://heathcotevalleyboys.co.nz/2015/07/31/dairy-site-survey-2015/


Reflections in the Pond at Ferrymead


It was another nice evening so I went for a walk with my partner Bruce and we stopped to admire the reflections in the pond. I was camera-less, so this was taken by Bruce on his brand new Samsung Galaxy Note phone. I have some serious phone envy at the moment, still owing the Samsung Galaxy 4 – with it’s inferior camera.

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