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Very little snow on our mountains

July 15, 2016


Our mild winter is continuing, with very little snow on our mountains. Maybe by the end of July it will look a bit different!


Our snow-capped mountains

August 10, 2015


It’s cold this week so our mountains are covered in snow. We even had snow yesterday, but it didn’t settle.

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Snow on the mountains

April 14, 2015


As you can see the polar blast has delivered, with our mountains getting a good coverage of snow. Even the Port Hills had a dusting of snow on them today. As you can imagine, it’s cold, too cold for April in my opinion. We still have six weeks left of Autumn, so winter can just go away for now, I like my sunny Autumnal days too much and am not ready for hat, gloves, scarf and thermals!


Looking over Heathcote Valley to the Port Hills


Looking over the estuary at Ferrymead at dusk


The day ended with a lovely sunset.



The Mountains this Morning

October 10, 2013


Lots of snow on those mountains! We are having a cold snap this week – after having a very warm weekend (it got to 25 degrees on Sunday). So with the cold comes a dump of snow on the mountain ranges. It’s funny because just last week I looked at these mountains and realised there was little snow left on them (well from what I can see from home). And I was a little sad. Then the cold came, and I decided I was over cold weather and bring on summer! Still, those mountains are lovely!


Pink sky in the Morning

September 10, 2012

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