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Snow on the mountains


As you can see the polar blast has delivered, with our mountains getting a good coverage of snow. Even the Port Hills had a dusting of snow on them today. As you can imagine, it’s cold, too cold for April in my opinion. We still have six weeks left of Autumn, so winter can just go away for now, I like my sunny Autumnal days too much and am not ready for hat, gloves, scarf and thermals!


Looking over Heathcote Valley to the Port Hills


Looking over the estuary at Ferrymead at dusk


The day ended with a lovely sunset.


The day after ‘snow day’

It snowed most of yesterday. This morning we still had rather a lot of snow hanging around (and it’s been rather cold) and as you can see from this photo – the Southern Alps have had a lovely dusting of snow too.

Today was a day not to venture too far from home – the furtherest I got was to Mitre 10 to get a new car battery as my died – I’d drained it last week leaving the car door ajar, even though the car was jump started a few days ago, the cold of the last two days has killed my battery for good. Luckily for me, I have a lovely man who knows how to sort these things out and who also cleared the snow from our driveway.

So, here are a few of my favourite photos from this morning – all snapped from the balcony and taken with a very long lens.

Though I get excited about the snow, I look forward to not having it around, as it does kind of play havoc with the routine (hard to exercise and one can eat too much!). Though incredibly, I saw a man out running today without a shirt on and in bare feet. Crazy stuff!

You can view more photos from today on my Facebook Page.


Snow and it’s only just winter

It’s snowing right now! It started about 8am this morning and I took these photos about an hour ago – it’s probably much snowier out there now but I’m nice and warm and not keen on leaving the house again for a while! I’ve got a pot of vegie soup on the boil and stew on slow cook, so a great day to stay inside.

Snow Again

We had more snow overnight

So overnight we had more snow and rather a lot of wind. We really get blown about a lot up on the hills and the sound of the trees swaying and the wind howling kept me awake for quite a while. I’ve just got back from a small adventure out into the snow – the fresh fall we had overnight is making everything look very pretty. The sun is currently shining, but it’s probably only temporary – we seem to get squalls come in every half hour or so. On my short walk down the hill I spotted this gentlemen skiing – he’d come quite a distance down Mt Pleasant and said he wasn’t looking forward to the walk back up very much!

Getting his daily excercise this morning!

Me, out with the camera and my walking poles

Random Images

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