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Jet Vapour Trail in the Sunset

A close up of the vapour trail at sunset tonight

Well I don’t often do two posts a day – but thought I would make an exception for these pictures. I was reading my new web design book, when the other half came rushing into the lounge and pointing outside – look Michelle! I thought it was a ‘funny cloud’ but was informed that no it was a vapour trail from a jet.

Vapour trail with the city lights

And a version taken with my wider lens

Ash cloud enhanced sunset and a 6.0 quake today

Well what a day. It really feels like the earth just doesn’t want us here any more. We’re getting ash cloud from the Chile volcano and we’ve had two decent earthquakes today to boot.

The ash cloud made its way to New Zealand and is making our sunsets rather spectacular (something pretty to look at and calm the old nerves!). I had planned to go up into the Port Hills tonight to photograph the sunset, but instead shot it from home as I’m not venturing anywhere near rock clad hills. You can just make out the city centre.

Very close to the edge!

So, it has been quite a big day here in Christchurch, we’ve had a 5.5 earthquake at 1pm followed by a very violent and frightening quake about an hour later that was a 6.0. I like many Cantabrians am feeling a little beaten down today. The first shake was bad (hang onto the computer monitor bad), but the second quake was altogether very different from the 5.0 – it was so violent and I once again headed for the smallest room in the house. But this time I left the door open so I could hear what was going on – book shelves falling over, glass breaking things coming out of the cupboards.

All I could think of was ‘oh no not again’. Once the shaking had stopped I poked my nose out and found a mess, but fortunately not as bad a February, and we are very lucky not to have windows break this time around. The glass turntable from the microwave flew out of the microwave and smashed into hundreds of pieces on the floor, my chest of drawers in the bedroom fell over, framed photos fell off the walls, and some of my plates smashed into the floor. One of my favourite plates survived and as you can see I photographed it sitting very precariously on the edge of my sideboard in the kitchen.

I’m updating the blog from a friend’s house as we don’t have power at the moment, but we do have water – and a portaloo just across the road.

It also only took us an hour to pick up the pieces this time around, so we are lucky.

The aftershocks are still coming, but they are not that big and nothing like what we experienced in February.

If you are in Christchurch, I hope you are doing ok and not feeling too down in the dumps. Tough I know, especially if you have the liquefaction happening again (thankfully being on the hill we don’t get that).

Take care everyone.

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